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Claiming Your Wallet(s)

Claiming a wallet is as easy as signing into your supported wallet in the browser you have open with Flip's web app. Once you've done this, click the add wallet button on your settings page. Your wallet will automatically populate into your "Wallets" section with the option to verify your wallet for additional features- such as signing in with a wallet.


To add multiple wallets to an account, simply sign out of your claimed wallet, sign into another, and repeat the claiming process. Wallets can also be used as the primary sign-in option for an account at account creation. This automatically claims and verifies the wallet.

You can switch wallets via the icon next to your username in the top menu bar in order to adjust the wallet being utilized for transactions.


Why Claim a wallet?

Claiming a wallet gives you access to purchasing, listing, and transferring NFTs via Flip’s interface as well as the Portfolio and Tax features available for all compatible wallets.

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