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Connect to the Companion App for Notifications

While Flip has seamless mobile-web compatibility on most devices, our native mobile app goes the extra mile in allowing you to receive mobile notifications for any of your wallets or favorite collections. These notifications are fully customizable and help you keep from missing the quick moving trends in web3.

  1. For the most seamless experience, create your account on desktop and follow your favorite collections, wallets, and assets for feed notifications.
  2. Download the mobile app from the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store
  3. Approve notifications for the Flip mobile app

And that’s it! Mobile notifications for all of your followed items will now populate automatically.

As you can see from the attached image, notification control is very granular. To adjust the types of notifications for each of your followed items, simply navigate to the notifications tab on desktop or mobile.

If you find you are starting to be bombarded with notifications, experiment with turning off certain types of notifications or removing collections you are no longer interested in from your notification flow.


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