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Discord Integrations

The Flip Discord bot brings some of the best Flip features for NFT communities directly into your Discord group. Check back for updates as new features and functionality is being added all the time.


Installation Quick-Steps

  1. Connect the bot to your Discord via our integration link.
  2. Give the bot permissions for any private channels you want it to write in.
  3. Type /flip-setup in any channel and walk through the steps
  4. Go to channels for your secondary collection sales/ listings and type /flip-follow to set up the bot for those if desired
  5. Check out any additional commands such as “/nft” or by starting a “/flip” command to see all that the bot has to offer

Bot Features

Share an NFT

When setting up the bot, you are given the option to choose a default collection for your server. This allows you to give users the option to “share” any NFT from your collection inside of any Discord channel for which they have write access.

Users can do this by typing “/nft” and then entering the token ID of the asset. If available for sale, this asset has a “buy now” button located at the bottom of the message for other users to be able to purchase from multiple marketplaces directly from the Flip site.


Sales, Listings, Wallets and Mints

The Flip bot also provides your community with sales, listings, and mint bots. Communities may also choose to follow specific wallets to see wallet activity. These can be either set up inside of the onboarding flow or added at any time by typing a “/flip-follow” or /flip-follow-wallet” command inside of the channel desired to receive notifications.

These notifications contain links back to the Flip site that give additional detail pertaining to a sale or listing, including the ability to search through wallet holdings, view cost basis, asset history, and more.



Channel Management

The Flip bot is able to run private channel access management for communities as well! The bot does this by allowing a creator to choose a specific royalty level required for holders to have and then provide communities with a link for users to gain verification.

Royalty levels range from strict token gating (no royalty required) to a royalty gated experience- requiring users to pay up their royalty before joining- even if they are a current holder.



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