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Navigating the Site

We rely on our top menu and nested navigation techniques to deliver access to our features in a clean and intuitive manner.

In order to maintain a smooth viewing experience, many of our level clicks on sub-pages maintain “context” meaning a pop-up or drawer will be initialized with some basic summary information while allowing you to click deeper into an item to view more details if desired.

The Top Bar

Flip’s persistent top bar allows you to easily switch between pages of the site. The icons within the top bar allow you to easily click on different menu items without having the bar take up much screen real estate.

The Hamburger Menu


The hamburger menu allows you to quickly jump between our primary feature categories. Again, these categories pack a ton of features, so take time to explore what aspects are most helpful to your NFT experience.

The search bar


With an easy press of the “/” key on your keyboard, you are able to open up the search bar on any page. Search wallets, collections, contracts addresses, and even individual NFT token id’s all from the bar.

Profile Icons


Use the icons on the right side of the search bar to perform many of the major features relating to your profile- sign in and switch wallets, manage your portfolio or cart, and view your personal feed.

Maintaining Context

As seen with the top bar, Flip focuses on keeping relevant information in front of you at one time- without crowding your user experience. We also do this via our drawer system. Especially when viewing collections and assets, we want your experience to be seamless.


When clicking on the collection from the collection list screen, a pop-out with some basic summary stats is visible. To view more detailed information, click the “browse” button at the top of the drawer.

Similarly, you can view summary details from the collection explore page around specific assets. by clicking the “view details” button on hover.


Clicking the “view details” button on the drawer view that pops up will send you to the asset’s “single asset view” page with full details.


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