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Set Up Your Feed and Favorites

Set up your feed and favorites

Setting up your feed and favorites on Flip opens up your account many of the most important features the app has to offer. It ensures that you are seeing content that is tailored to your interests, and it allows you to receive notifications surrounding that content on the go. Here are some steps to help you get started:

Setting up your favorites

  1. Follow some collections - once you have created your account, navigate to the collection list and look for collections you would like to follow. Click the star on the right side of the screen to add a collection to your favorites. Once you follow some collections, you can filter by “followed” on the collection table to get a summary view of the collections you want to keep up to date with.


  2. Follow relevant wallets - type the ens of any interesting wallet into the top search bar to be taken to that wallet’s summary page. Select the star at the top right to follow that wallet.


  3. Follow wishlist assets - Many traders have that particular grail they’ve always wanted but couldn’t get for one reason or another. With Flip’s follow features, you can follow specific assets for notifications- such as listing or new sales - to make sure you are the first to know the next time that asset becomes available. You can follow assets from their single asset view page on Flip.


Setting up your Feed

Now that you are following some items on Flip, you can now view a personal feed from the feed tab - which you can get to from the feed icon in the top right of the menu bar. You can adjust this feed by editing your notification preferences via the notification tab in your settings page. This allows you to

  1. Specify the types of notifications you want for each unique item you follow - you can determine the different notification categories that are live for that item as well as if it shows up on either mobile, web, or both
  2. Easily turn notifications off and on - the toggles by each item allows you to quickly restrict down the notifications you get. This means you can follow an endless amount of collections but only get notified of the specific few you want to stay up to date with in that moment.

Be on the look out for more notification presets and pages like our interesting wallets pages that we use to help you get started with the feed and following experience.

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