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Track, Trade, and Shop

Once you’ve gotten your account set up with a wallet, you are ready to take full advantage of everything Flip has to offer.

Track Your Portfolio Performance


The first step is to go over to your portfolio page via the top bar. From here, you can manage your wallet(s) in a host of different ways:

  1. Check profit history as well as current standing
  2. View currently on sale assets
  3. Generate a free multi-wallet enabled tax report
  4. List items multi-marketplace or trade with wallets you know

Speaking of Trading OTC…

While Looking through your assets, you’ll notice the ability to list assets privately.


Flip’s secure OTC system utilizes Seaport to enable you to list items for specific wallets or use public links. You can share a link either way with potential buyers to have a clean (and secure) OTC experience. Simply choose your price, specify your wallet (or generate a public link) and share to your heart’s content.


Buy More than Just Spot

Flip values the art behind NFTs and works hard to bring artist intent for their collections front and center. Large asset cards and a dynamic filter enables you to explore a collection for your favorite asset. Deep diving into a collection has never been easier, and that elusive grail might just find its way into your collection from Flip.


Simply type a collection in the nav bar or navigate to the collections table on Flip to start exploring.

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