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Creator Choice, Creator Freedom

Creators deserve compensation for their work. Flip has worked hard to create tooling that puts power back in the hands of creators to ensure royalty levels and guidelines are upheld- while helping creators manage incentives for loyal holders.

How it works


Flip’s custom Royalties API allows creators to track payment status by a per asset or per wallet basis. Creators are then able to utilize the returned status for implementation in, for example, a royalty gated air drop.

Have a holder that hasn’t paid their royalties? The royalty interface on Flip allows them to “pay up” any unpaid royalties to collections and update their royalty status.


The simplicity and security of the system is what is key. We’ve taken away the hassle of royalties so that they can be what they have always been meant to be- ways to support the continuation of the communities they serve.

Our custom API gives you full flexibility, and consequently control over your royalty level and experience- whether with open order book or OTC transactions on Flip.

Private Channels, with a twist

With the introduction of royalty tracking, the Flip Discord Bot now enables creators to royalty gate private community channels. A quick asset verification on Flip is the only thing between users and their exclusive access to these gated channels. Creators can choose the strictness of their royalty status requirements- enabling them to provide barriers to entry without frustrating longstanding holders.


Interested in getting started? Message us on Twitter or reach out to our community manager at [email protected] to get in touch about royalties, becoming a Flip OTC partner, and more!