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Feb 15, 2023

Cloud Poppers Incoming

Jack Burt
Jack Burt


Keep an eye out for Bryan Brinkman’s Cloud Poppers being released tomorrow (February 16th at 1 pm EST) in conjunction with! In total, there will be 100 unique Cloud Poppers NFTs minted via Dutch Auction on, and we’ll pick up the secondary market shortly after minting begins.

First, a bit about Bryan Brinkman:

Bryan is an award-winning digital pop artist who's built a name for himself by combining animation, motion graphics, and other digital tools to create colorful, playful, and approachable art.

As for Cloud Poppers: Cloud Poppers doesn’t fall neatly into classic NFT categories.

Cloud Poppers is an on-chain, multidirectional shooter game where you aim to pop Brinkman’s patent, colorful clouds – and though we haven’t played it yet, it looks capable of corralling some serious dopamine – but even more than that, Cloud Poppers is a personal statement and an experimental technology.

In conversation with Bryan, he told us, “For me, the project was a way to combine two things I love: generative on-chain artwork, and classic arcade video games. I grew up working in video game stores and playing in arcades, so when I was approached by the team to collaborate it piqued my interest.”


What's more, when asked about what he hopes Cloud Poppers achieves, he answered: “As we have seen, museums have begun to treat both games and generative code as valid artforms, so I hope this project is a stepping stone toward allowing games to be collected in the same manner” but also, in terms of onlooking artists he said, “I hope more people ask themselves ‘what kind of game would my artwork be perfect for?’”

There’s also the whole technology angle behind Cloud Poppers. Not only is the game fully on-chain, meaning the art, the game code, the sound effects, are all stored on the Ethereum; additionally, each of those aspects will be influenced to some extent by the rarity of the individual collectible.

Plus, Cloud Poppers is supposed to be the first of many similar games that will be hosted on, an on-chain NFT mini-game platform that reminds us a bit of MiniClips. It’ll be interesting to see how that whole NFT mini-game ecosystem grows, and how things like scoring memetically play out. For instance, teases on their website: “What if owners could earn exclusive rewards with a top score?”

Carpal tunnel, here we come!

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