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Apr 6, 2023

Claiming Vessels & Decoupling Kodas

Jack Burt
Jack Burt


Things are starting to get interesting for holders of Otherdeeds.

Starting today, holders of Otherdeeds are able to claim a vessel, or if they hold an Otherdeed with a Koda, they can decouple their Koda from its Otherdeed.

If you don’t have a Koda on your plot, you will end up burning your Otherdeed to receive a Vessel NFT and an Expanded Otherdeed NFT (which is essentially an upgraded Otherdeed necessary for the Legends of the Mara game).

If you do have a Koda on your plot, you will end up burning your Otherdeed and receiving an Expanded Otherdeed NFT, a Koda NFT, and a Vessel NFT.

Each Vessel can support a ‘Shade’, helps defend your Otherdeed, and will have one of three functions: Hunting, Farming, or Enchanting. Plus, each Vessel will contain a Mara, a sort of helper that corresponds with the function of the Vessel. Interestingly, Kodas can perform any of the functions that Maras can – sort of like free agents – which makes them more powerful (more valuable) and is also why all Maras are eventually aimed at evolving into Kodamaras.


Ultimately this claiming/decoupling process is the next step toward Legends of the Mara a standalone 2D game powered by Apecoin, which will require an Expanded Otherdeed, a Mara (or a Koda) to play.

In future activations, more will be revealed about role assignments, vessels, and Maras . . . but for now, we know that the general structure of the Legends of Mara game will be centered around evolving Maras into Kodamaras, farming ‘sediment’, and defending your Otherdeed plot from incoming threats.

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