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Mar 22, 2023

Private Sales on Flip!

Jack Burt
Jack Burt


V1 Private Sales are live!

No more sketchy OTC trades, and no more confusing interfaces – with Private Sales on Flip, you’ve got everything you need to trade peer-to-peer with minimal hassle and maximum optionality.

It’s simple: once you connect a wallet to Flip, any supported collection will be available to list via your portfolio page. From there, you can choose whether to list those assets publicly (on multiple exchanges) or you can create and customize a private/shareable transaction via the Flip platform.


If you go the private/shareable sale route, we’ll let you set the price, set an expiration date, and specify who will be able to use your link (whether that be anyone or someone in particular).


Once you’ve confirmed the private sale transaction on your wallet, we’ll provide you a snazzy link to share with the buyer(s) in question. 


All the buyer has to do is click your link, connect the whitelisted wallet (assuming it's not a public link), complete the transaction, and voilà: OTC trade complete!


And this is all just V1 . . . OTC trades on Flip are going to get more nuanced with time, so stay tuned because soon you'll have the ability to [Redacted] 😉.

Anyhow, we hope you're as excited as we are about Private Sales. We see the introduction of frictionless OTC Trades, along with our Discord Bot and Royalties API, as creating a trifecta of powerful tools to give communities choice and to enable trading on non-public order books. 

As always, feel free to shoot us a message with any feedback, or if you’re interested in getting integrated with our Discord tools or becoming an official OTC partner – please reach out – we'll walk you through the process and customize it according to your project’s needs.

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